At Home COVID Testing Chicago

Concierge In-home Testing

We can also provide at-home COVID-19 testing performed by a qualified healthcare professional for clinics that do not wish to travel to the clinic. Your dedicated COVID-19 testing specialist will meet you at your home to perform a nasal swab.

For your safety, our professionals come dressed in full PPE and can perform the swab outside your residence so reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Expedited delivery of results is available.

Home COVID-19 Test Kits

We send the saliva test directly to your home. The kit comes with user-friendly instructions and takes just minutes to perform. Saliva testing is fast, easy, and painless. When the sample is ready, simply mail it back to the address provided.

Our CLIA certified and FDA-approved lab partners analyze the sample with 99.9% accuracy for detecting COVID-19. In just 24 to 72 hours after the sample is analyzed, you will have the test results. PCR tests are available to test for active infection. Antibody tests are also available to confirm a suspected past infection.

Remote Telehealth Consultations

Virtual healthcare consultations are ideal for patients that are not in need of acute medical care. With our Telehealth service, you can get screened for COVID-19 symptoms in order to determine the next steps — all without setting foot in public spaces that may increase the risk of coming into contact with an infected person.

Additionally, patients that have a positive diagnosis may receive non-acute medical care from the comfort and privacy of home. Self-quarantining during active infection is a proven way to reduce transmission of the virus from a sick to a non-sick person.

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