Hotels COVID19 Testing

COVID19 has certainly shaken up the travel industry. While hotels are starting to welcome guests back for the first time since the pandemic hit, there have been some challenges along the way. There are many travel and safety regulations that every hotel must meet to keep guests safe. LINK is a digital health pass system that makes it easy.

Stay. Safely.

LINK ensures that every guest who steps foot inside your hotel is COVID19 free. That's crucial because even asymptomatic people can spread COVID19 to others. Before, hospitality managers relied on guest self-reports to screen for symptoms, which permitted symptomless guests to enter and potentially compromise the health of others. With LINK, you can rest assured knowing that all your patrons and staff are safe.

Smart. Simple. Convenient.

For hotel managers, LINK’s end-to-end software does not require integration, so it works seamlessly. The open-ended system design allows for integration if needed.

LINK provides a fast, reliable way to test for guests, without sending them on a hunt to find a testing site in an unfamiliar city. They also won’t have to pay for a concierge service to come by. Finally, the testing kit itself is foolproof. Your guests won’t have to fiddle around with complicated instructions to get started.

Outstanding Service

Perhaps no industry has been hit harder by the pandemic than the travel sector. Windy City Testing (WCT) helps your hotel get back to business as usual faster with LINK. WCT offers hotel executives a superior level of service to make reopening safe and easy.

Whether your guests are in town to see family, traveling to a region that requires a negative COVID19 test upon entry, attending a live event, or craving a little peace of mind during their stay, LINK makes it happen, 24/7.

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